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Aluminium windows

Our Aluminium Windows are great for both domestic and commercial use. They are available in any shade from the RAL colour range. Profiles allow for optimum thermal insulation. High performance frames and high security hardware all improve the comfort of your home. Pilkington low emission K glass is used in all our products.


Aluminium 'Casement' Windows

Casement windows that open outwards are functionally practical and easy to use. High performance profiles make our windows highly rated amongst the top competitors within the market. We fit high security shoot bolt key locking mechanisms as standard. We also provide a night vent option.

Aluminium 'Tilt & Turn' Windows

European Tilt & Turn windows give a double action operation to your frame design. Tilting the window allows ventilation, and the ability to turn the window allows for easy cleaning and a very user-friendly mode of action. Our frames and glass comply with all current building regulation requirements.