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There is a growing demand for Natural Light in buildings. Installing Skylights and Laylights within the solid roof area provides up to three times more natural light than the same area of vertical glazing.

Our Skylights and Laylights can be manufactured in traditional or contemporary styles. They can incorporate opening roof vents to allow adequate ventilation. These vents can be manually or electrically operated, the added benefits of climate control can also be added.

We offer many different styles of skylight and we also offer a totally bespoke service – we can manufacture skylights specific to the size you require from our skylight collections. Please contact us by phone or email and one of our experts will be able to assist you.

We also offer opening roofs and rooflights that slide, lift, bi-part or retract open.

Fixed or opening Laylights are another option.

We have been manufacturing and installing Skylights and Laylights to residential and commercial properties for many years, so why not give the Easy Glazing Windows a call today.